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What can we monitor?


Measuring response times and uptime, checking for valid HTTP(S) response, ensuring page integrity with SHA-256 hash.


Never forget to renew your web server certificate with our TLS / SSL monitoring.


We will send periodic ping requests to your servers to check if they are alive.


Check connectivity for arbitrary port using TCP or UDP protocols.


Check DNS server entries to see if your addresses are correctly resolved. Monitor Whois details.


Test your email servers with IMAP, POP3 or SMTP protocols.

Redundancy monitor

System redundancy and dependency monitoring is our unique and powerful feature which allows you to:

  • Reduce number of notifications for your DevOps team when you have enough redundant and healthy servers / services.
  • Generate better uptime reports for redundant (load-balanced) services. If one of your servers is down and you still have other redundant servers, overall uptime will still be 100% on your status page.

Please check our blog with expression examples for more information.

Expression example when adding new system redundancy and dependency monitor

Heartbeat monitoring

Heartbeat monitoring (also known as reverse or cron monitoring) can be used for restricted environments where resource can not be publicly accessed from internet (our monitoring probes can not reach you). Instead you send us periodic HTTP request (you can use Crontab on Linux or Task scheduler on Windows) to our unique URL and AppBeat will notify you when it doesn't see your ping request for too long.

curl --silent --output /dev/null --show-error --fail<YOUR_UNIQUE_ID>

Wizard for creating new periodic check - simple web check or advanced monitor with full control over all available parameters

Monitor HTTP/3 enabled web servers with TLS 1.3 protocol

Monitoring HTTP/3 websites with TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3

You also get public status page - for free!

Let your users know when you are experiencing service issues or having scheduled maintenance. You can enable public status page with just one click (no third-party service required).

Public status page
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