Command Line Interface / Getting started


AppBeat CLI allows you to automate monitoring tasks and is currently supported on Windows, Linux and Mac. Please follow these instructions to get started.

1 Install .NET Core

Installation instructions for .NET Core on your platform.

2 Get AppBeat CLI

  1. Download (~225 KB)
  2. Unzip to any directory

3 Get private AppBeat API Access Key

  1. If you don't have AppBeat account, please Sign Up for Free now
  2. Login to your AppBeat Account, click Account / API Access
  3. Enter IP Address from which you will run AppBeat CLI (NOTE: only one IP address is allowed) and click button to generate new key
  4. In directory where you unzipped AppBeat CLI, run following command:

    dotnet AppBeat.CLI.dll link --global <YOUR_API_ACCESS_KEY>

    This will associate your API Access Key and your AppBeat account with command line tool on your machine. This allows you to easily run AppBeat commands with automatic authentication.

    --global switch saves your secret key file in personal home directory. Alternatively you can also skip this switch, in this case it will save secret key file in same directory where AppBeat.CLI.dll is located.

    You can remove your secret file by simply running dotnet AppBeat.CLI.dll unlink (or manually deleting file secret.key)

And you're ready!

You can try running dotnet AppBeat.CLI.dll list services or dotnet AppBeat.CLI.dll status to see if everything is setup correctly.

See also other commands from menu on left.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or issues please let us know. You can contact us here.